What is $NHT?

$NHT is an ERC-20 token that will serve as a pathway between the Neighbourhoods network and crypto market liquidity. $NHT is used to access tools created by the Neighbourhoods team and by developers participating in the NH low-code marketplace. These tools help you spin up your own neighbourhoods!
Read about them here.

What is the maximum total supply of $NHT?

30B $NHT.

What is the total circulating supply?

33% i.e. 10B tokens will freely circulate. The balance 20B will be held as reserves.

Can I move my $NHT between the Ethereum and Polygon chains?

Yes, we will enable the bridge between Ethereum and Polygon. Be aware that using the bridge will incur gas fees.

Why is so much $NHT in reserve?

Our intention is to use the reserve judiciously, and only as the community, and end-user needs grow. If Neighbourhoods takes off, and if we need to expand the team rapidly to support development, we may need to liquidate reserves. This will only occure in keeping with the growth in number of people wanting to support Neighbourhoods.

Who has funded Neighbourhoods so far?

Toward the end of 2021, we held a small and successful Community Offering for our existing supporters. We ran this sale prior to listing on a few DEXs. These supporters joined even earlier-stage backers of Sacred Capital, the company from which Neighbourhoods grew.
You can read more about our longstanding community strategy and offering here.

Will I have to use $NHT to use Neighbourhoods?

Yes and no.
To take full advantage of Neighbourhoods infrastructure, and to access modules in the low-code marketplace, you will need to use $NHT. Doing so means you are splitting the cost of developing the hApp groupware you use with other neighbourhoods. However, many parts of the NH framework are open source. The Social Sensemaker, which makes it possible to connect hApps with cultural metrics (i.e. Sensemaker data types) can be experimented with independently; Bring your existing, standalone hApp and play with other neighbourhoods!