Future Uses & Features

Who is Neighbourhoods for?

Eventually, for anybody who is part of an online community.
Currently, Neighbourhoods will be of interest to Holochain developers and organizers looking to move their group, community, or cause from web 2.0 - today’s web of corporate-owned mega-platforms - to web 3.0.

How will groups use Neighbourhoods' infrastructure?

To create, customize, and manage their neighbourhood. NH infrastructure includes
  • a bootstrapping wizard for customizing your neighbourhood and bundling hApps.
  • a marketplace-like engine for finding hApp modules and social data types (and contributing to their development costs)
  • a neighbourhood community management tool and lounge for community activators

What types of communities might become neighbourhoods?

The NH framework enables a very wide range of use cases, depending on the hApp modules that developers contribute to the NH marketplace.
Holochain "groupware" apps, like wikis, collaborative documents, and video chat already exist. So, it would be easier in the near-term to use the NH framework to spin up a "working group" for any shared cause.
Prospective community activators have opened public conversations on using neighbourhoods for cases and group sizes when reputation accrual and accounting is critical, for example: developer communities, philanthropic communities, energy and carbon accounting projects, and gaming groups.
The team also created a demo "meme sharing" neighbourhood to show how the framework applies to (social) media use cases,

Do you have a roadmap?

Yes, please see our full, 2023 roadmap here.
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